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Вакансия от Rocket - для опытного системного администратора zOS
21.06.2017, 12:29

Rocket Software Inc.

Established in 1990, develops enterprise business solutions

Privately held, HQ in Waltham MA USA, www.rocketsoftware.com

15,5K of active clients, 10M end users and over 1400 employees

Geography served: global, with over 30 offices on six continents


z/OS Systems Programmer, IT Mainframe Services

Job Summary

  • Install/customize/maintain mainframe products and installed software
  • Maintain a multiple-CPU environment with thousands of I/O devices
  • Work with Development Labs to provide support as well as consulting and guidance


  • Configure, test and support IBM and ISV ZOS system and program products
  • Conduct problem determination followed by root cause analysis
  • Provide first line of support (scheduled on-call) for the MF environment


  • Good/deep understanding of zOS architecture and IBM Utilities
  • Solid background with installing and maintaining MF community of products
  • Expert knowledge for core z/OS functions and selected products
  • Use mainframe tools such as RMF, SMF, IPCS, SYSLOGs, etc., for problem resolution
  • Experience in problem analysis and requirements in computing, networking, and application areas
  • Functional knowledge, use of z/OS components and detailed knowledge of support products
  • Participate in IBM and ISV beta projects


Applicant is expected to have understanding of and/or experience with all or some of the following supported products (levels may vary):

DFSMS, SMPe, ServerPac, PDO, DFDSS, HCD, IODF, DFHSM, ICF Catalogs, DASD and Tape management products, TCPIP, VTAM, Websphere on zOS, SDSF, VTMF(Copycross), ICSF, RMM, USS on zOS, GTF, IPCS, RACF, ACF2, TopSecret, Kerberos, CA TLMS, CA TMS


IBM processors (z13, z13s, z114), DS8000 storage family, VTL TS77x0, ATL (TS3500,3494), IDAA, Ficon Directors(9470), Dell/EMC VMAX3, Hitachi VSP-G1000


  • Proficiency in system debugging and analysis and experience with z/OS system upgrades
  • Analyze/solve technical problems, recommend improved business and development solutions
  • Coordinate OS software problem determination and resolution in MF Sysplex environment
  • Write and debug JCL and REXX/CLISTs
  • Experience and good understanding of USS on z
  • Automate various MF functions and processes in multi-product and multi-vendor environment

Soft Skills

  • Good communication and organizational skills, team player
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Fluent/good spoken English (eager to learn and able to enhance)
  • Ability to handle significant workload with managing variety of concurrent projects
  • Proven ability to multi-task, work in a fast-paced environment and prioritize


Expected – REXX, Optional - Assembler, C++, Python

Bonus points

Basics of/familiarity with DB2, IMS, CICS, MQ. zLinux, zVM

Education Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in CS or related discipline or a combination of education and experience
  • Management prefers applicants with at least 4-7 years of experience on a z/OS platform

Misc requirements

  • 10% travel domestically or internationally
  • Able to work odd hours (as needed) to provide group support over 14 time zones
  • Support weekend implementations and activities (if needed)
  • Shuffle priorities in response to a changing workload
  • Must be reliable, honest and technically inclined
  • Must be willing to learn new technologies which candidate may have no experience with
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