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Вакансия Люксофта во Вроцлаве, еще одна
(за пределами России) 21.07.2016, 15:59

6426 WebSphere MQ System Administrator _Wroclaw

Project Description:

WebSphere MQ System Administrator is member of Messaging Services team developing end to end MQ configurations. The configurations can span multiple platforms but the emphasis will be on z/OS We are building absolutely new Operations Service center in Wroclaw and looking for enthusiastic candidates ready to participate in system administration of infrastructure in one of the leading banks in the world. Dedicated team will be responsible for providing timely deployment of infrastructure services and keep technology platforms fully operational and running. Work will require involvement into administration of enterprise level cloud solutions and migrating into new cloud based infrastructure. Candidate's contribution to automation of existing operational processes will be highly appreciated and valued. Candidate will need to work in multicultural environment with colleagues across the world: Switzerland, UK, USA and many others, and occasional business trips are possible to those locations.

Candidate should be ready to meet the following challenges: incredibly high volume of data, unprecedented requirements of reliability and uptime, thousands of instances of virtual servers, databases and application servers. You will enjoy working in strong team of professionals and will be able to share your ideas with the team as well as learn new things and technologies from them.


• Develop documentation to describe each requested configuration using Microsoft Word and Visio

• Liaise with requestors where necessary to obtain documentation approvals and to discuss any issues arising from their requests

• Develop object definition scripts using ISPF for those deployed on z/OS and Windows based text editors for those deployed on Unix, AS400, Windows

• Provide support to test teams following configuration deployment where required

• Troubleshoot and remediate configuration issues where found during test

• Adhere to teams documentation and script development standards

• Work in a timely manner to meet all individual and project target dates

• Report status as required in an organised and precise manner

Skills Required:

• Have excellent technical skills in WebSphere MQ which must include specific knowledge of MQ Clustering and SSL

• Have good Z/OS and Unix (Linux / Solaris) skills. Knowledge of other platforms (e.g.AS400 or Windows) would be useful

• Be a team player with good organisational and communication skills

• Possess the ability to quickly envisage the operating landscape of the bank and the specific scope of the project engaged in

• Have the capacity to quickly grasp an understanding of all the processes necessary to achieve the allotted tasks • Show drive and commitment

• Strive for excellence in all tasks

• Have good written and verbal communication skills in English, German is an advantage • Interact well with both Business and IT personnel

• Take responsibility for allocated tasks and see them through to successful completion

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